My words can make you money, raise your profile, bring people to your event

Hi, my name is Mark Campbell and I've spent three decades as a professional writer, as a journalist and public relations specialist.


I'm here to help you if you're looking for:

  • Quality content for your website

  • Engaging, entertaining, informative blog posts

  • Shareable social media content

  • PR services to get positive media publicity

  • Copywriting for everything from newsletters and email newsletters to brochures, documents, reports, social media profiles, whatever you require...

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All businesses should be blogging. I can help.

I can write sparkling website content that translates to sales or increased publicity.

Also copywriting tasks relating to any kind of printed or online document or profile.


Never underestimate the power of positive publicity in the media. 

How do you get it? Easy. Ask a journalist. Ask me.

Dedicated PR agencies will want you to sign up to a long-term contract. You can use my services as you need them. I call it PR-As-You-Go.


Social media platforms are vital tools to share news, blogs, offers, promotions and more.​

I can write engaging, interesting, entertaining content for your social media channels, in the right format, posted at the right time, with the keywords you need to rank highly.


I have launched the first of my downloadable, online courses to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, events, charities and more.


To read about Get Free Publicity In The Media For Your Business in 2019: Insider Press Release and PR Tips From An Experienced Journalist, see below.

Hi, my name is Mark Campbell. After 30 years working in media and marketing, I'm sharing my knowledge and experience to pass on helpful advice on several fronts, through blogs and courses. The information should be relevant pretty much wherever you are in the world. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on this site. 

Give your business a boost with my free advice and inside knowledge on effective DIY marketing

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Online Courses

for 2019

Make a difference to save the world by going greener at home and work and using eco-friendly products  

Earth Rescue: How to be eco-friendly

The media has changed and so must you. Follow my guide to writing perfect press releases to get FREE coverage in all forms of media, time and time again

Everything you need to know to boost your business with free promotion online, in print, on radio and TV. Save thousands in advertising and PR fees

During my career, I have written for, and about, pretty much every type of business, person, genre, event, charity and more.​


I've done everything from reporting on business launches and community events to interviewing rock stars, football managers and politicians.

I have been published far and wide, literally tens of thousands of times.​  


I've also spent years as a sub-editor. Meaning I know how to spell, I know when grammar is correct or incorrect.

Making a good impression is so important.


I can work quickly, to tight deadlines.

I know what works, I know how the media works.

I can optimise content for SEO rankings, I can target niche publications, I can help you reach a wider audience.

You need words to work for you. You probably need them to bring financial returns. That's what I'm good at.


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