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How to skyrocket sales and web traffic through Pinterest in 2019

Is your business on Pinterest? It almost certainly should be.

>> More money is now spent on buying goods and services through Pinterest than through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.  An amazing 93 per cent of Pinterest users say they are there specifically to buy or get ideas for future purchases.

>> Pinterest gives your business a huge opportunity in 2019 to beat your competition, as many businesses are being slow to realise the potential of the platform - a cross between a search engine and social media - and many of the 250 million already on Pinterest are doing it all wrong.

>> This online course will help you leverage the astounding power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, raise your profile and reach a much wider audience, helping you boost sales.

Build a professional looking website easily and cheaply - with no knowledge of code

Does your business, affiliate network, organisation, event, group or charity need a website - or a better website that works for you? It can be a daunting process, and if you outsource the work, it can be expensive too.

This course teaches you with easy instructions how to do it yourself - or give the job to one of your staff - using the Wix website-building platform.

Wix hosts more than 90 million websites and is widely regarded as the easiest and most versatile website builder to use. Everything is built in (read my blog here) so it's a one-stop shop that leads to a great looking website, which can have as many or as few features as you want.

Prices start at completely free of charge but the best business packages are still extremely affordable.

Position yourself as the expert in your field and watch your profits rise and rise

Traditional advertising no longer works. People want to know the story behind your business, behind your brand. They need to trust you as an expert in your field. Then they'll remain loyal to you and your brand. And the sales will keep rolling in.

Whatever your business, also consider yourself a source of information and advice on your area of expertise. Then spread the word about your business across many different channels, from social media to newsletters to videos and more.

This course will help you think outside the box and promote yourself as an expert in ways you would never have imagined.

You don't have to do it all - it's actually important to focus on what you're best at - but this course will outline all your promotional options, none of them costing you a great deal of money, some of them costing you nothing at all.


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