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The rise of blogging by businesses has been phenomenal, but not surprising. Because blogging really works.
But many businesses recognise that time is limited and precious. They know that their expertise does not lie in crafting words in a conversational style, then sharing them with the people they really need to reach.
Many probably don't even know about the bits that lie in between; the SEO, the use of perfect images, the meta tags...
That's why businesses build up relationships with people who can write and share blogs on their behalf. So that these people can help them build relationships with clients and potential customers.
And I'm one of those people who can do that for you. I look forward to hearing from you..


Social Media

You need words to work for you. That's what I'm good at. 
I can write for your website, blog, social media accounts, newsletters, email newsletters, brochures, company reports... whatever you require.
Across 30 years of professional writing, I have written for, and about, pretty much every type of business, person, genre, event, charity and more.
I've done everything from interview rock stars, football managers and politicians to reporting on business launches and community events.
I have been published far and wide, literally tens of thousands of times.
And I've also spent years as a sub-editor. Meaning I know how to spell, I know when grammar is correct or incorrect. You want to make a good impression don't you?
And I can work quickly, to tight deadlines.
Whether you want your content to make you money, grab people's attention or simply spread the word, like I said... that's what I'm good at!
You really want some quality coverage by the media. Maybe newspapers, magazines, web channels, radio or TV...
How do you unlock the secrets of being featured, free of charge? How do you know exactly what the media outlet is looking for? How on earth do you get into the head of a journalist?
Easy. Ask a journalist. Ask me. I spent years in the profession so know exactly what they are looking for. What, who, why, where, when and how. And I can tailor your content to suit them. To suit both of you.
Dedicated public relations (PR) agencies will, more often than not, want you to sign up to a long-term contract. You can use my services as you need them, so your expenses will be much lower. I call it PR-As-You-Go.
Social media platforms are vital tools for businesses to share news, blogs, offers, promotions and more.
I can write engaging, interesting, entertaining content for your social media channels.
I can also manage your social media channels if you do not have the time or knowledge to keep on top of them.
Do you even know which channels would work best for you? Let me know your dilemmas and I'll do my best to solve them...

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A philosopher once wrote you need three things to have a good life.

One, a meaningful relationship, two, a decent job of work, and three, to make a difference.

And it was always that third one that stressed me, to make a difference.

And I realised that I do. Every day, we all do. It's how we interact


David Brent, The Office

Not the best role model for anyone in business! But an inspirational quote from writer Ricky Gervais



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