Hi there... my name is Mark Campbell. After 30 years working in media and marketing, I'm sharing my knowledge and experience in blogs and courses on two fronts. 1/ To help small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve increased income and exposure through targeted promotion. 2 / To play my own part in rescuing this beautiful planet we live on by encouraging everyone to be more eco-friendly. So that's me trying to make my mark. Let me help you make yours.


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Campbell and my mission has always been to inform, educate and entertain.

I have achieved this through working in the media, or media-related industries, for more than 30 years.

I started young, by the way! And I am young at heart - but very experienced.


I now share my knowledge and expertise and assist businesses, events and organisations in gaining maximum publicity.

It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd when the world of traditional and social media is so crowded, but a little inside knowledge goes a long, long way to succeeding.

I have worked for newspapers, national (as a freelance) and regional (mainly Cumbria and Merseyside), in a wide variety of positions from chief reporter to entertainment reporter to features editor; to sports reporter to environment reporter to sub-editor.

In self-employment (half my career) I have worked for radio stations, television, published my own magazines and websites, built sites for clients and handled PR for major employers.

I have also run large public events and at the same time overseen the promotion of these. I know all the tricks of the trade to get noticed.

The world of media has vastly changed over the years, and I am proud to say I have changed with it, keeping up to pace with all developments.

I began my career using a typewriter on a local newspaper. Now I operate using my smartphone, tablet and computer, via many apps and social media platforms. 

I embrace change, progress and innovation and seek to use it to its full extent to benefit my own projects and those of my clients.

Privately, I am a proud, happy father of four who loves sport, music, the natural world and the great outdoors. I find happiness is key to achieving great results.

If you want to know how to raise the profile of your business, yourself or any other project, listen to someone who has worked in the world of media and marketing for years and knows all the rules and shortcuts. That's me! I look forward to helping you.

Mark Campbell

Do you know what's great about the digital world? I can help anyone, anywhere, and still be lucky enough to live in the beautiful English county of Cumbria, home of The Lake District National Park.

For those who know me from my Cumbrian and UK connections, you may be interested to hear that recent and ongoing work has included promoting the United Nations-backed World Health Innovation Summit, the award-winning Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, Kingfisher Visitor Guides, Workington AFC, L&C Finance and more.


I have also been promoting businesses through my Cumbria Today and Buy Cumbrian platforms on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and website.


Plus I have been building online courses to share the benefits of my vast experience, to help small businesses and others make the most of opportunites to promote themselves successfully.

I'm here to help. I like helping people. So please read the blog below and get in touch if you think I can assist you, too.

my mission:

inform educate entertain

Help is Just a click away

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