It can be daunting and stressful running your own business. It can be hugely enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding too! 

The difference is often in the marketing of your business, in getting your message across successfully, in developing relationships with customers who then show loyalty to your brand.


The small business, sole trader, home worker has limited time to spend on this area, but it is vital to the success of their business.


Often there is no budget to outsource promotional work so it becomes a Do-It-Yourself operation. Fortunately, help is at hand right here!


MakeYourMark is sharing a series of crucial , expert marketing tips throughout 2019, helping small businesses to reach the next level without placing unreasonable demands on time or budget.

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You need to promote your business to bring in more customers, sell more products or attract more clients to you services.

You want to reach a wider audience.

You maybe don't have a large budget - or in fact any budget at all - for paid advertising.

You don't have much of a budget - or no budget at all - to outsource your marketing, social media management  and public relations. You're going to do this yourself or with the help of an assistant or small team. 

You want your business to benefit from valuable, customer-attracting positive publicity in the media but don't know how to go about it.

Your business would receive a welcome boost from a positive story in newspapers, magazines, on the radio or TV, or on blogs or internet news and specialist publications.

10 STEPS TO GUARANTEE FREE PUBLICITY IN THE MEDIA is broken down into an easy-to-follow guide to help you achieve your business marketing goals. And it's completely FREE OF CHARGE. 

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